Chariot Parade 1 – 2:30 pm: from the corner of Beaconsfield Parade and Fitzroy St via Jacka Boulevard to Luna Park, then return to Catani Gardens

Vegetarian / Vegan Hare Krishna Food Festival 11 am – 9 pm: Catani Gardens

• FREE Stage Program & events featuring Vedic/Ethno-mix DJs
• Drama & Dance
• Fun for Kids

• Vegan/Vegetarian Food
• Body Art
• Face Painting

The Festival of the Chariots is part of St Kilda Festival Sunday, on the first Sunday of February each year.

Join the party mood with hundreds of other festival-goers, pulling an authentic painted wooden chariot from Catani Gardens along Jacka Boulevard to Luna Park and back. We sing and dance as we go, so join in the fun!

The Chariot Parade (Ratha Yatra) originated in ancient times in Jagannatha Puri in Odisha (formerly Orissa, India), where deities of Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra are drawn – with love and devotion – into the hearts of all present.

At the same time, we host a family-friendly Vegetarian / Vegan Hare Krishna Food Festival in Catani Gardens. Enjoy delicious vegetarian and vegan food with a taste of India, freshly prepared on-site for your pleasure.

Every year we give away tonnes of free watermelon to all-comers, so it your taste is simple, head for our tent village

The Food Festival includes a free stage program of song, dance and drama for all ages.

Sri Keshava and Joakin (Global Party People) will feature again on stage. Sri Keshava has earned global renown as a contemporary Vedic disc jockey, dancer, and yoga teacher. With Vedic and ethnically diverse music mixes, live instrumentation and singing, Global Party People excite everyone to come together to sing and dance.

Round out your Food Festival experience by checking out our fun for kids, face painting, body art, Indian shop, bookshop and meditation tents.

Enjoy a fantastic day out with your family and friends!